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I'm usually aggressive but I need to turtle against some people because they won't stop attacking. I play him more reactionary. The fifty fifty game always gets me. The older red brick buildings follow along the same soft curve, each one with its own small patch of green, with mighty trees that reach high above the rooftops, and in the summer, the private pavements running between the buildings make it feel like a Mediterranean village—the type where you look out of your window and peer directly onto your neighbours sunbathing on a balcony. But I later found out the wealthy couple had taken further action with the council and the Somalian family had to fight them in court, almost losing their home as a result.

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I ignored all the jokes about drug dealers and single mums on benefits not just from students, but also from teachers and parents and I went into survival mode; some of the time I fought back with a witty insult, some of the time I was just exhausted and embarrassed.

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Hurry up and suck, move along, c'mon, until it's gone Get the fuck out the room, I'm rollin' chrome, spoke, whicky whicky what Keep your hungry mouth shut, cause I'm livin' it up! Another thing I hate is the raiders that just use their zone to get me. I actually prefer general tips, not just character specific, since I kinda play most of the roster.

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