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In male guinea pigs, however, the scrotum is not the bulbous "pouchof testicles" sitting just above the penis, as is seen in most other male animals. The inability to palpate a testicle in a suspect-male guinea pig'sscrotal region does not rule out that guinea pig as being a male. A pig interrupts his owner's yoga session by kissing her on the head while she balances with her legs in the air at their home in Sacramento, California. Author's note: The owner then gave pig cuddles and petting …. Dog confused by purple sex toy while owners are in hysterics

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Both Charlotte the pig and Crouton the calf had been rescued and now live at Squirre…. Mother guinea pigs especially new mothers can become uncertain of their newborn guinea pigs if you handle them too much and get your human smell all over them. The female guinea pig has a distinctive "Y" shape between her anus and vulva.

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