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More from Noam Galai Adaptalux: It isn't a "thing you don't like meme", an "object labeling meme" nor is it about politics. It's always amazing to see childhood photos of old people you know and see how they looked when they were our age or younger. One noticeable thing in all photos is the known 'random fact' that the ears and nose are 2 body parts that never stops growing and getting bigger - from birth to death. If not, you will be dead instead. What's sad is people like you imply that should be denied to the elderly because you don't consider them beautiful anymore and hence not entitled to enjoy beautiful things as consider themselves beautiful or behave youthfully. In fact if people were born with wrinkles and they lost a wrinkle for every good deed and every good thought in prayer for others they'd probably look something like the pictures of their youth.

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In the days that follow, M and his penis are reduced to a funny anecdote in our family, included in the category of penis humor that my girls and their friends have developed over the years one enduring penis song, the product of a long car ride in Italy:

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I can't believe how many days it has taken me to get truly concerned about this. Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. I try to talk to her about it two more times, but I'm rebuffed.

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